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Mickey for mural 2nd rendering :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 1 0 Mickey For Mural :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 1 0
The Corrupted
  Okay, so here is my situation, I'm on an unexplored island that has been theorized to be the home of all Grimm and other evils. Why? Personal vendetta I guess you could say. The guy who killed my team comes from here. By the way I never really introduced myself, I am Gabriel Lycanrope the last member of team RNGE (Range) and I'm here to slit evils throat.
 The landscape was, in a word, evil as fuck! The ground I walked on was as black as coal, there were black hills and mountains littering the land, I could spot some grimm in the distance (two nevermores and three bayawolves). They seemed to be heading towards me.
 "What a welcome party."
I pulled out my greatsword and ran towards the first Bayawolf I saw, which seemed like the leader of the pack, and swung my sword in a long arc aimed for his neck. A clean cut, and with it the Grimm collapsed, its decapitated head landed with a thud on the ground before it started to fade like the rest of its body.
I looked towards th
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Homestuck Character Sketches (OC's) :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 Rick The Dullahan Colored ( :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 1 0 Rick The Dullahan :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 Sasha Lamia :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 1 3 Sasha The Lamaia :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 More sketching :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 A lot of sketching :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 Trying something new :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0
The Elements Pg 3 Ch 1 Through The Woods
    So three hours later we made it to a clearing in the forest, Pyro and Dusk killed off at least five Timberwolves and a cockatrice along the way (I can safely say getting almost turned to stone is just as terrifying as it sounds), Dusk started setting up camp while Pyro was cooking dinner, I didn't really have much to do besides thinking of what to do when we reach the next town.
    "Tents are done guys." Dusk said walking over to the fire, taking a seat next to me, I haven't taken much notice before but her mane was completely white, an odd contrast to her black coat. "What's for dinner?" 
    "Karalla Stew." Pyro said pouring a the stew into three bowls for us and himself, his magic aura was a dark shade of burgundy, it made the bowls look a bit sinister. "Its hot so careful."
    I should have listened to him I burned my self on the bowl when I tried to hold it in my hooves and then spilled it all over my cloak, which b
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The Elements Pg 2 Ch 1
Well of course my only choice was to go with them and hope they don't try to sacrifice me to some Bee god (IT ALMOST HAPPENED BELIEVE ME), and when we get to the next town or city I'll bail first chance I get, but at the same time I have to build a trust with them, so they at least think I trust them, so they don't try anything that I may regret. We entered the forest once more following Pyro.
   "So, what did you say your name was Miss.." I asked her, I didn't really catch her name the first time when Pyro said it, and I didn't want to start up conversation with him cause, he was terrifying.
"I'll tell you in a bit, but first lets get the supplies before some raiders or bandits find them." With that in mind I opted to stop making conversation there, it hadn't occurred to me that bandits or raiders are out here, or that they had gear other than there weapons with them. We walked for about an hour before Pyro decided to stop in between two trees.
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Illustraitor Test :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 2 6 :Insert title here: :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 2 Marble Star :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 1
Frost and Ventus try the art of "Art"


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Terra and Pyro's favorite DA pictures and art


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Mickey for mural 2nd rendering
This is the second drawing for the aformentioned mural, this one was done without a base or example.

I do not own Mickey Mouse, he belongs to Disney
Mickey For Mural
I drew this up for a project in class, this Mickey will be put on a mural, I drew this in pencil then, colored and outlined it in Adobe Illustrator

( Mickey Mouse is owned By Disney 
  Okay, so here is my situation, I'm on an unexplored island that has been theorized to be the home of all Grimm and other evils. Why? Personal vendetta I guess you could say. The guy who killed my team comes from here. By the way I never really introduced myself, I am Gabriel Lycanrope the last member of team RNGE (Range) and I'm here to slit evils throat.

 The landscape was, in a word, evil as fuck! The ground I walked on was as black as coal, there were black hills and mountains littering the land, I could spot some grimm in the distance (two nevermores and three bayawolves). They seemed to be heading towards me.

 "What a welcome party."

I pulled out my greatsword and ran towards the first Bayawolf I saw, which seemed like the leader of the pack, and swung my sword in a long arc aimed for his neck. A clean cut, and with it the Grimm collapsed, its decapitated head landed with a thud on the ground before it started to fade like the rest of its body.

I looked towards the other four Grimm, they seemed hesitant to attack and started to circle me expecting me to strike first.

"I'll be happy to oblige."

I leaped towards the closet wolf and impaled it and turned just in time to punch an incoming nevermore in the beak, I wouldn't recommend ever doing that it'll hurt like hell later, I dislodged the blade from the fading wolf and slashed upwards cutting the nevermore's left wing off followed by a downward slash ending with another decapitated Grimm.

Two Grimm left any they didn't waste their time to blitz me while I was busy with their friends.

"Okay this is getting boring!"

I ran towards the bayawolf, it slashed at me, but I jumped on its head and launched muse upwards and swung cutting the last nevermore in half, I looked down and saw the wolf started running.

"No you don't!"

I threw my blade at it impaling the Grimm to the ground, it struggled to brake free.

Once I landed I walked towards it and dusted myself off. I grabbed the hilt of my sword and twisted the blade, the beast howled in pain.

I looked around the horizon. "Now depending on where your pals come from, I'll know exactly where I'll find the rest of your pals and hopefully-" I twisted the blade again, it howled even louder. "The fucker that took everything away from me"

The Grimm finally died and started fading away, just in time too, it's backup finally arrived from the Northwest.

I've decided to spare you the details of what I did to the Grimm that showed up, it went by too quickly to even bother.

Either way I made my way Northwest, I continued this on this route for another half hour before I saw something new. It was a type of Grimm that I never had seen before, it looked like an octopus with an eyeball for a head, I was half ready to kill it but it started to wave on of it's gross tendrils at me as if it wanted me to follow, it seemed obvious that it was more of a recon Grimm than a fighter.

"I can kill anything you throw at me, got it!?" I proclaimed, I wanted to make that clear to whoever was watching, it didn't respond but it began moving away, so I followed with my weapon at the ready.

 About three hours later I began to notice pits of this blood red liquid littering the landscape, I was going to take a closer look at one of them, until a Nevermore crawled out of it and nearly gave me a heart attack.

"Piece of shit!" I was half ready to clip it's wings, but it just flew up cawed once at me and left without a second thought, I decided to just go back to following that other Grimm which had gotten a pretty sizable lead on me.

As I kept walking I began to notice something in the distance, it was a huge castle made from a red/black material with stain glass windows to match.

The eyeball made it up to the front gate and opened it, as soon as it did it disappeared behind some guy, the jackass looked half insane, he had a long ponytail that ended in a scorpion tail, leather gauntlets on both arms, bandages that covers his forearm, a bottondown shirt that he apparently forgot to button, and his chest was covered in scars.

"Now now, it seems we have an unexpected guest!" He said trying to have hold back a laugh.

"Who the hell are you?" I demanded, with my sword drawn and pointed at him.

"Well how rude, I just don't see what our goddess sees in you."

The longer I spoke with him the more familiar he looked, I decided to act on this thought.

"I guess that's your boss, but before that, I have a question for you."

"A dying wish?" His smile got slot more sinister.

"No, I want to know if these names sound familiar to you, Ricky Thanos, Eve Dracule, or Nick Hades.

"Oh my, well isn't this embarrassing? You came all this way, disturbed the natural peace of things here, and made our dear goddess go out of her way to make sure you arrived safely just so you could ask if I have seen your pesky little-"

"Their dead, they were murdered and if I find out that you have anything to do with this, then your goddess will get your head served to her right before I-"

Before I could even finish he had wrist blades pop out from his gauntlets as charged me, I instinctively swing my blade as he got close, but he swiped it away with one of his blade while he jabbed me in the chest with the other and sent me flying, I could feel a huge chunk of my aura deplete.

"Allow me to educate you on something child!" He exclaimed. "Never threaten our GODDESS!"

"Sorry man I never had great grades back at Beacon." I joked as I remembered why he looked familiar. "But I know a killer when I see one, your the jackass who killed my team!"

"How insightful, it's a shame she doesn't want you alive anymore." He said holding back a laugh. "And I'm sorry to say this but you don't seem all that fun to play with."

I was done talking, I charged him swinging an overhead feint with my sword, when he went to block I pulled back the blade and kicked him the chest, but it never connected cause something rapped around my leg, it was a scorpion's tail, HIS tail.

"You're a Faunus!?"

"And your predictable!" He flicked his tail and sent me spinning, I landed on my stomach with a burning pain in my back, I could barely turn my head but I could see what happened, I got stabbed in the back with his tail.

"Oh my, are you okay?" He said in an annoyingly sarcastic voice, I tried to move but my body refused.

"I'll... I'll kill you." The words were physically painful to say.

"Well I'm afraid this is the end of the line for you." He said as he grabbed me by the neck and carried me over to one of the red pools. "Stay here for a bit." He said as he went to get my sword.

"Well I must say boy, you have a fine weapon." He said as he inspected it, he walked back towards me with a big grin on his face. "Here I think you may want this back." He said as he leaned in and impaled me with my own sword, the pain woke my body clear up, I managed to punch him before he kicked me into the pool. Kicking and flailing I fought in a vain attempt to get back to the surface.

"Running out of air." I thought to myself

The liquid was thick and heavy, my sight was tinted red.

"Can't die here." I told myself.

I grabbed the hilt of my blade, I could feel my life slowly fading, did I really lose so easily.

"You. Will. Live." That wasn't my voice. I blacked out.

I woke up days later, I was surrounded by the rubble of recently destroyed homes, buildings, businesses, the ashes and blood of innocents filled the air, I could hear them in the distance.

I lifted myself up onto my feet and caught a glimpse of myself in a pool of blood. I was horrified by what I saw.

My face was covered by a Grimm mask that I couldn't remove, my skin was as black as a Grimm's, I was covered in red veins, the gash wound in my chest was gone, and my sword was back in its sheath. I unsheathed the blade, it suffered the same fate as me, the blade was jet black and covered in red veins.

"Slaughter them all." A voice sounded off in my mind. The goddess demands!

"Fuck... off." I forced the words, even my voice changed, it was rough, deep, monstrous and I was slightly intimidated by my own voice.

"We are one."
"we are the untamed."
"Shut up!" I screamed and swung the blade at a nearby collapsed building, I was surprised when it made a clean cut straight through the destroyed wall.

"we are the corrupted!"

"WE ARE NOTHING!" I yelled at the top of my lungs this time I impaled the blade into the ground, as the blade sank in the ground, the darkness (it's all I could think to describe it) began to sink into the blade until I returned back to normal, I pulled the blade out of the ground with ease.

"We are nothing." said as I felt the mask melt off my face.

"You will fail!" This voice was getting annoying.

"Then I guess I'll die trying." I said using the blade as a crutch to help me get up and set out in the direction of the forest, was I really gunna go back to that island in this condition, was I really going to make the same dumb mistake. I couldn't help but smile at the thought of it. "Cause I just don't know when to give up."

Just as I reached the clearing to the forest I looked up to see a Nevermore get shot down by a blast of fire, and oddly enough there were two people riding on it's back. "Life just keeps getting better don't it."

"You are a fool, failure is inevitable."

"Sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind and do the impossible!"
I said as I ran into the forest.

End of the corrupted opening.
The Corrupted
Gabriel Lycanthrope, the last living member of team RNGE (Range) follows a long list of leads that takes him to where the origin of Grimm is theoretically supposed to be located in order to find his teammates killer.
Homestuck Character Sketches (OC's)
This is a step towards a project that I have been planning for a long time 

Fun facts
If you know Homestuck than you were half ready to point out that humans don't have different blood colors (or in general) but I'll explain that later.

Lloyd is missing a hand that he prefers not to use outside of combat

this is a small project that has been under contemplation for 3 years
Hey guys, how long has it been since I uploaded something? A year?  Guess I owe an explanation that doesn't involve school, and life and shit like that.

im going to be 100% blunt with this explination, MLP has become less interesting to me and I haven't been making any MLP content because of this, (I haven't even drawn a pony in the longest time) but this doesn't mean I have stopped drawing, no I have currently decided that I'm going to expand this old account (or make a new one and place a link somewhere) where I can upload any and all of my work!

(I'll finally be able to share El Lobo with the world!)

things that that will definitely be apart of the new profile
ANIMES (Kunosuba, Monster Musume, etc)

SCP Containment breach (I've been in an SCP mood recently)

VIDEO GAMES (Let's not talk about the switch)

MLP (Probs gunna make a new story with new characters, the original is being repurposed)


lets hope I can do things right and have fun with art like I used to. Happy New Years (even if I'm late to light the fireworks)
    I ran as fast as I could, the howls only got louder and I had no idea what to do, getting chased by Timberwolves wasn't on my list of things to do when I ran from the hive. 
       "How did it get to this, Frost.." I asked myself. "No, why did I decide this was the best course of action."
    I risked a quick glance back, immediate regret, there were at least fifteen of them each one looked hungry and ferocious. And they were all equally pissed off, safe to say that if I stopped, I would die. 
 I ran for what felt like hours, running through bushes, under roots, over fallen trees and at one point through a river, which deterred a few of them for a moment before they decided to continue the chase. Disheartening, but it gave me a bit of time to breath and gain some distance, then I saw the light at the end of the forest, I knew for a fact that Timberwolves don't leave the forest boundaries, I was in the clear, I was going to get out of this alive!

    "Yes!" I almost shrieked the words as I bolted forward, trying not to waste a moment, then I almost fell of a cliff. "DAMN IT!" 
 I looked down the edge, a fall that high would kill anyone. I thought about flying away but then the sound of Timberwolf whining and fire crackling behind me, I turned just in time to see the first five of the pack get blown into firewood and another two get decapitated by a flaming throwing axe, followed by a red unicorn stallion in a red cloak, and a black unicorn mare in a black cloak ran out of the forest. The red stallion was armed with a battle axe at the ready, and the black mare was armed with an odd looking chain attached to a sword hilt with multiple blades attached to every few links, I had no idea what to call it, but it looked deadly, and the Timberwolves seemed to think the same as they backed away from her the most.

    "You alright kid?" She asked me.
"Y-yes, yes I am fine, who-" I got cut off by the red stallion charging into the fray slicing up wolf after wolf, which was terrifying to watch and hear wolves cry out before getting turned into a pile of sticks.
"Hold that thought dear." The mare told me before whipping (Slashing?) her chained sword at timberwolves trying to attack the stallion from behind, they dispatched the wolves with amazingly terrifying efficiency, near the end of the fight the rest of the timberwolves (which seemed to be only three) began to retreat back into the forest.

    "That was fun, now wasn't it?" The mare said to the stallion. "Wasn't it worth the wait Pyro?"
The stallion, Pyro, waded through the pile of timberwolf remains to the mare while strapping his battleaxe to his back.
"three got away, we should leave now." He looked down at me, I felt my heart sink now that I could see his face, he was terrifying, he had a faded scar across his right eye, his eyes were as red as freshly spilled blood, and when he spoke I thought I saw fangs.

    "Uh.. Hi." I had no idea what was going on. "What did you say about.. Waiting, were you waiting for the wolves?"
The mare gave of a loud laugh, that almost gave me a heart attack, mainly cause it had a hint of insanity in it (or is that my imagination, I hope so)
    "No dear." She said with almost a motherly tone, which didn't make me trust her anymore than I already did (being not at all) "We were waiting for you, by order of Celestia herself."
"Let's atleast be honest with the kid Dusk." 
"Fine then we weren't sent by Celestia herself, per say, we were asked by a friend who used to be a Royal Gaurd to find you."
"Friend?" Pyro said, countering her statement. 
"Shut up!" She responded back, her voice echoed for miles with powerful force, which seemed like enough for Pyro to drop the subject.
"Let's go, before more show up." Pyro said as he walked off into the forest.

     What the hell is wrong with these two, they don't seem like friends, they don't seem to truely hate each other. What ever was going on, I want nothing to do with it, but then again I can't handle Timberwolves by myself, so what do I do about this?


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frost: *sees pyra on the couch*
pyra: *sees the portal open * hey i saved you your spot 
frost: *smiles* where are the kids? 
pyra: night will bring them back any minute
frost: ah i see, make room, love of your life and father of your children wants permission to come in and snuggle with his lovely wife
pyra: *chuckles* ofcourse love come here
frost: *sits next to her and puts his arms around her* you make me happy, i love you so much
pyra: hey i am lovable * chuckles* and i love you very much as well, you helped me become the mare i am.
frost: hey you cant blame me for that....
pyra: *laughing* you're too adorable *kisses him*
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