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Snack Brake by DawnStarWhooves Snack Brake :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 6 0 I am a troubled mind by DawnStarWhooves I am a troubled mind :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 Calamus and Alula More Sketches by DawnStarWhooves Calamus and Alula More Sketches :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 2 0 Trying to make a comic by DawnStarWhooves Trying to make a comic :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 1 0 More sketches!! by DawnStarWhooves More sketches!! :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 1 0 Mickey for mural 2nd rendering by DawnStarWhooves Mickey for mural 2nd rendering :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 1 0 Mickey For Mural by DawnStarWhooves Mickey For Mural :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 1 0
The Corrupted
  Okay, so here is my situation, I'm on an unexplored island that has been theorized to be the home of all Grimm and other evils. Why? Personal vendetta I guess you could say. The guy who killed my team comes from here. By the way I never really introduced myself, I am Gabriel Lycanrope the last member of team RNGE (Range) and I'm here to slit evils throat.
 The landscape was, in a word, evil as fuck! The ground I walked on was as black as coal, there were black hills and mountains littering the land, I could spot some grimm in the distance (two nevermores and three bayawolves). They seemed to be heading towards me.
 "What a welcome party."
I pulled out my greatsword and ran towards the first Bayawolf I saw, which seemed like the leader of the pack, and swung my sword in a long arc aimed for his neck. A clean cut, and with it the Grimm collapsed, its decapitated head landed with a thud on the ground before it started to fade like the rest of its body.
I looked towards th
:icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0
Homestuck Character Sketches (OC's) by DawnStarWhooves Homestuck Character Sketches (OC's) :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 Rick The Dullahan Colored ( by DawnStarWhooves Rick The Dullahan Colored ( :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 1 0 Rick The Dullahan by DawnStarWhooves Rick The Dullahan :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 Sasha Lamia by DawnStarWhooves Sasha Lamia :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 1 3 Sasha The Lamaia by DawnStarWhooves Sasha The Lamaia :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 More sketching by DawnStarWhooves More sketching :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 A lot of sketching by DawnStarWhooves A lot of sketching :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0 Trying something new by DawnStarWhooves Trying something new :icondawnstarwhooves:DawnStarWhooves 0 0
Frost and Ventus try the art of "Art"


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Terra and Pyro's favorite DA pictures and art


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Snack Brake
I'm just gunna say it, I'm loving this game more for it's art style at this point, its simple and easy to follow so thats why I'm drawing so much of it. In a way it's my way of becoming a better artist
Calamus and Alula More Sketches
More sketches of Oneshot characters, I like drawing the head and body seperatley sometimes, I have no idea why really.
Trying to make a comic
I'm trying to make a comic based off the game Oneshot with a little bit of my own twist, I haven't gotten any real time to work on it but I'm hopeful.
More sketches!!
While watching Markiplier play One Shot, I noticed that the cutscenes looked very familiar. They looked like an art style I ditched a long time ago, so I tried incorperating the One Shot artstyle with my old trashy one and I'm kinda happy with the results 
Im very much aware of my lack of uploads, I simply don't feel confident in my current ability to draw but so long without an upload is pretty much unacceptable so I'll just upload the best I've got and continue working 
I'm sorry for the 2 weeks of inactivity but I have had a lot on my plate, I'll see what I can do in the regards of uploading something new


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frost: *sees pyra on the couch*
pyra: *sees the portal open * hey i saved you your spot 
frost: *smiles* where are the kids? 
pyra: night will bring them back any minute
frost: ah i see, make room, love of your life and father of your children wants permission to come in and snuggle with his lovely wife
pyra: *chuckles* ofcourse love come here
frost: *sits next to her and puts his arms around her* you make me happy, i love you so much
pyra: hey i am lovable * chuckles* and i love you very much as well, you helped me become the mare i am.
frost: hey you cant blame me for that....
pyra: *laughing* you're too adorable *kisses him*
DawnStarWhooves Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Frost: heh.
Pyra: so what where you up to?
Frost: nothing very important.
Pyra: hmm... What ever.
Dawn: *Writing in a book with Pyra's cutie mark on the cover* No interference.
Pyra: Whatever.
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